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This is a New Entertainment Community that is not willing to take just any content from anyone. The new concept is two-fold: Do not follow all the existing crap that is on YouTube as well as help talented creators to find a loyal audience, with a specific target at a local as well national level. "We only want the best of the best, only a thousand or so contributors all divided amoung major point of interest ", says Cornell U. Kay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Factor, Inc. is about to be launch in the first quarter of next year raising an interest in a loyal audiences that will upload new video and view millions of video files each month. Cornell Kay, says that the early success of Cyber Factor is proof of that there is just too much content on YouTube and the vast majority of it is no good. "They (YouTube) are willing to take lot of crap video from to many people , 83% is not worth anything", he says.
We describes Cyber as "the next generation community sites" we know that we will be a major factor in next wave of web development. Now anyone can be a broadcaster. See this interview with Leo Laporte the "Tech Guy" from WebPro Expo 2007

Leo Laporte of talked with WebProNews at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Laporte discusses the idea that because of blogs, everyone now has the opportunity to be heard. He also explains the benefits of mixing the various forms of media.

Aaron Wall, the Author of SEO Book, talked with WebProNews about SEO tracking software. He gives special insights to several free or inexpensive SEO tracking software programs that he recommends. See next column..

This Video is in a nutshell what we want to acomplish
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There are several free or inexpensive SEO tracking software programs that will help you.. The software needs to have a way to track items such as analytics, page rankings, back links, and the number of indexed pages..
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Helpful Programs Include:
* Google Analytics
* Mint Site Tracking Software
* Digital Point Forums
* SEO for Firefox
* SEO Digger
A new busines development coming up soon. Stay tuned, we will up date and invite you to be part of a New exciting Busines Development.

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Important Blogging Statistics The state of social networking:
About 120,000 new blogs are created every day
Blogs ChartState Of Blogosphere
I realized that there wasn't a single place where you could get all of the information on all of the past State of the Blogosphere (and upcoming State of the Live Web) reports. So here it is. You can always find this by going to:
In terms of blog posts by language, Japanese retakes the top spot from our last report, with 37% (up from 33%) of the posts followed closely by English at 36% (down from 39%). Additionally there was movement in the middle of the top 10 languages, highlighted by Italian overtaking Spanish for the number four spot.
The newcomer
to the top 10 languages is Farsi, just joining the list at #10. It has been very interesting to watch the growth of the blogging world in the middle east, especially in countries like Iran, and it is reflected in the language distribution above. ith that out of the way, enjoy.

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The web movment is taking a new shape, iPhone.